Beatles Construction Reviews - Beatles Construction Scam or Legit

Mindy –

Victim Location 60707

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Around 2:30 P>M> a gentleman named Anthony rang the doorbell and told me he had been doing some work for a neighbor and noticed that I needed some tuck pointing as there were holes in the gangway at the base of the house where someone had put cement on cement to patch. He also pointed out the bricks on the stair by the window had holes that you could put the trowel through. He stated that he had some material on his truck leftover from his previous job and for $99 he would take care of the holes. This would include labor and materials. All he would ask if that I put a sign on the lawn recommending their work. He introduced his Dad Steven and a brother who was working with him.

They started to do the work and he said they were going to add more material as it was more extensive then he first showed me. (I guess I missed the part that it was $99 per pound of materials.) I asked if they would take a check as I did not have more than $100 cash on me. Anthony told me he doesn’t take cash. Around 4 PM they finished the work and Anthony came in to settle up for the work. It came to $10,395 (99×105). He said he would take care of me and gave a discount for $1000. I did not have enough money to cover this as I had not expected this large difference from $99. I also said I never would have agreed to the work if I knew it was going to be that much. His Father wanted to know what I could pay them today and if I couldn’t go to the bank and transfer funds from my savings. I told him that was not possible. I could only give them $800 on Friday. I would have to request a transfer to my savings to make the rest. So I gave them a check for $800 as that was all I could do today and two checks for $4350 that they are holding until I give them the go ahead to deposit. I should have thought something was off at this point as they did not want the checks made to the company but rather one to Anthony and one to Steven.

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