BBB Cyber Crimes Reviews - BBB Cyber Crimes Scam or Legit

Ramon –

Victim Location 32183

Type of a scam Other

On 08/10/15 I received a phone call from a person called Tim Burke who said he was from BBB Cyber Crimes is now an FBI Special Agent for BBB. The phone # 904-474-2608 is a cell phone # listed with CLEC VoIP in Baldwin, Fl. He said he knew I had been a victim of a scam from a so called Microsoft Tech Services on 06/3/15 and that they wanted my help to catch the criminals by using their money to send to the criminals so they could catch them. I said no this is another scam and hung up.

On 10/19/15 I received another call from another person unfortunately I didn’t get his name although he did say that Tim Burke was his supervisor saying I was no longer a victim of the scam I was now a suspect in a money laundering scheme they were going to send the case # to the FBI and if I was proven guilty I would have to pay back $56,000.00 and they would revoke my resident status. They asked for my help again and I told them I am not going to provide my banking information. He said he would call the bank and connect via conference call to give my permission to the bank to deposit their money. I broke down and started to cry and told them there is no way since I have no income and live like a hermit and had done nothing wrong except get caught in a scam by the so-called Microsoft Service Techs from Metro, Iceland which happened on 06/03/15 by a company called Could Pro Inc. Thankfully Western Unions recognized it was a scam and did not forward the transfer so I was refunded my money. That issue was resolved by cancelling the credit card charge by my bank and getting a new debit and credit card and changing my passwords.

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