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Emily –

Victim Location 35802

Type of a scam Debt Collections

After reviewing the local number calling me with a recorded message and the toll free number to which this message directed me, I did some homework. They claim to be from MedAssist, asking if I qualify for financial aid for a bill owed to Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, AL. I confirmed with the billing department at Huntsville Hospital that I have no outstanding debt with them.

When you Google the toll free number, Alexander Rose & Associates in Houston, TX pops up. They claim to be a bankruptcy law firm.

An attorney friend in Utah gave me the following information on this company based on research of her online resources:

If you check the business entity search for Texas, there’s no listing for Alexander Rose. If you search the Texas State Bar directory for attorneys, still no Alexander Rose, either attorney or law firm.

Further research (because I really am tired of doing billing) shows that they are debt collectors, not attorneys. (None of the executives/agents are licensed with the Texas State Bar – this tells me that they are misrepresenting themselves as legal entities – FCC VIOLATIONS!) They have two active UCC liens against them and one civil lien against them. Also the 256 number all this originated from, isn’t registered to anyone. MedAssist is a foreign entity registered out of Kentucky.

From doing bankruptcies in Alabama for so many years, I can guarantee that the only companies that collect for Huntsville Hospital and/or Crestwood are Franklin Collection Center and Fox Collection.

This scam is being widely perpetrated in the Tennessee Valley.

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