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Micah –

Total money lost $950

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

She contacted me from Workopolis the job seeker site.

She emailed me saying she saw my resume posted on workopolis and that I would be good for the job position for an Online Service Manager. How I will be having my own personal bitcoin wallet and from that I will be in contact with their customers buying websites and domains and make sure all customers are satisfied and offer new merchandise to them and new technology, communicate with their customers and receive orders from them

(Hosting, Domain, Web site, Web design, PC/laptop software and a lot of similar). She said it would be a 9 to 5 job Monday to Friday and the salary would be 2,635 CAD for full time and for part time about 1,653 CAD bi-weekly.

She said that their customers are private individuals, organizations, commercial enterprises, wholesale organizations and non-profit companies.

I will communicate with their partners who sell the necessary products

and services for customers after that I will be discussing the purchase entirely.

Talk about it with the customer, send him with all necessary information, and make a deal in the end.

In addition, I also will further receive calls from customers, SMS. She said I will be writing reports so I need word and excel software in order to write down the customer orders and everything I have talked about with the customer.

She also said that I will have a 10 day training period and she will be contacting me about my first task which will be everyday from 9 – 5 working from home.

The scam began 9am Wednesday 29th

The first day I woke up and eagerly sat down with my laptop. She told me to have a yahoo chat account with her which I did. She asked me to sent her my banking information the transit number and the branch along with my name and address… Me the arrogant one did that…. She said that the financial department will deposit funds in my bank account. She deposited in my account through Interact Transfer 950.63 CAD $. She said that they couldn’t direct deposit the funds directly to my account thats why they did it via Interact. She then said that I should go to my bank take out that money and deposit it in my nearest BTM (Bitcoin machine) I went and did what she asked like a robot. She was so good at it because she manipulated me saying that I need to complete this task as fast as I can. So I went to my bank took out the funds (supposedly they sent me that legit money from their company) and went to a Bitcoin machine and I was putting the bills one by one.. MY BILLS ( which I had no clue at that time).

When I was done I messaged her saying it was completed. She then asked me if I can deposit in the bitcoin machine about 1000 or 1300 more from my own money because their financial department is closing soon and that I took too long to deposit the money from the first task. I then right away got suspicious I start asking questions why I had to put my own funds and if actually the financial department is closed why they didn’t sent me more money the first time… she said its not my fault that I took too long and that If I deposit in the bitcoin machine funds I would receive it by Friday March 31st. And that the first task which I deposited wasn’t enough money I was suppose to have in "my bitcoin wallet" 2.5 btc which at the time I had only 0.565 btc from the 950 funds I put. All this seemed very suspicious she even asked me if I can take out a loan or even ask from my friends money to deposit. I told her no, I told her we should wait until Friday when their financial department will be open and she agreed that we would continue this Friday… TODAY. MARCH 31st!.

All this seemed very mysterious so I run to my bank to see what was happening because I had a gut feeling from the start! Once I reached my branch and the teller swiped my card then she noticed right away the deposit was a scam, was fake and it showed now that my bank account is – 950.63 $. My bank account is frozen at the moment is under fraudulent investigation from the bank. I cannot make transactions I cannot take out money, nothing I can do to my bank account I cant even log in with online banking. I started getting really angry and frustrated at my self that how could I allow something so horrible happen to me… I was living a dark nightmare. I was at the bank for over an hour talking with the manager and he tried the best that he can to calm me down and talk to me about it how these things happen all the time and now there is nothing I can do I have to pay it fully and I have to change my bank account and I have to change my whole identity I have to change my email account, my bank account , everything that has my name on it… and even my passport because the scammer asked me to sent my picture as well along with my damn address… thank god the only thing I didn’t give was my birth certificate neither my passport or any legal documents… the scammers only have my bank info from the void check, my home address and a picture of my self.

I went to the police to report it but I got hopeless the police told me that its impossible to catch the scammers even if I have the conversation info all the emails… I cannot believe it.. If I was an investigator I would make the victim feel that I will do everything in my power to catch those people even sent the swat team FBI SCIS EVERYONE to catch them they can easily track them from where they bought their fake site and all that hidden info that only investigators can research.. I don’t understand how come those scammers can live by scamming other innocent peoples money its a disgrace that no one can do anything about it.

Larry –

Type of a scam Employment

I have received the below email offering online Jobs “ online Service Manager “ from company located in Calgary,

<span title="———————————————————————————-
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From: Arianna Holloway [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 30 March 2017 03:36 PM

To: Victim emai

Subject: Re: fr?sh ??siti?n1022889

Ajose Consulting Solutions is glad to welcome you.

You can visit our website – www.ajose.org

I am your personal manager and my name is Arianna Holloway.

We have 3 open vacancies for the position "ONLINE SERVICE MANAGER".

So we are looking for new employees who wish to work with us.

We need a person who will keep in touch with our customers and clients.

With them you need to build mutual dialogue and to keep working etiquette.

You have to be in touch online, that is, it will not take much time to communicate

with the customer, you just have to check your email or get SMS notification with detailed instructions.

We are looking for ONLINE SERVICE MANAGER. This is home based position (online).

You’ll be doing it online at your home area and you don’t need to relocate.

Job Description:

• Position name: Online Service Manager.

• Working hours: Full time (9 AM – 5 PM)/Part time (4-5 hours/per day).

• Working days: From Monday to Friday.

• Salary: Full-time: 1329 CAD/week; Part-time: 665 CAD/week.

• Job Type: Full-time/Part time.

• Office address: 147 Walden Heights SE, Calgary, AB, T2X 1Y4.

Payment going into your bank account bi-weekly directly via Interac e-transfer.

We request: To be responsible, to do the task in exact dates.

Registration processes of new employees going via e-mail

(it is more faster and you can find information about the work more accurately).


1. Permanent Canadian residency.

2. Neat appearance, good communication skills.

3. Stress resistance, ability to find easy solutions to difficult problems.

4. Organizational skills that will help successfully plan the day.

5. Knowledge of the PC and basic knowledge at using Microsoft Office(Word and Excel).

6. Must be willing to work extra hours when there are operational needs.

Job Duties:

• Market monitoring

• Implementation of customer orders

• Collecting information about the client

• Personnel recruiting (search for qualified staff)

• Incoming and outgoing calls, sms

• Working with Word, Excel (reporting)

Qualifications and skills:

• Ability to perform basic mathematical functions, such as addition and subtraction with and without a calculator;

• Must be able to read, write, and understand English;

• Must have good communication and leadership skills;

We offer:

• Excellent compensation package (basic salary, bonus and vacations).

• Dynamic team environment.

• Training (10 days).

• Employee Incentives.

After a few successful deals with our customers, we will discuss with you a long-term contract.

I am your personal manager and all questions you can ask for me.

I will be able to answer any questions that you have and will help you in all your beginnings.

Please fill out the Application Form and send it back to me if you want to continue.

You don’t need to print the Application Form.

Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards.

Arianna Holloway


HR manager

Ajose Consulting Solutions Inc.


Calgary, AB, T2X 1Y4 Canada


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