Adler Gordon Associates they also go by: Phillips Reinhard and Assossicates as well as Wilson Riley Associates LLC

Adler Gordon Associates they also go by: Phillips Reinhard and Assossicates as well as Wilson Riley Associates LLC Reviews, Check Adler Gordon Associates they also go by: Phillips Reinhard and Assossicates as well as Wilson Riley Associates LLC Scam or Legit
Peter –

Victim Location 48038

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On September 5, 2018, I was contacted via my cell phone and then my home phone by a restricted number. Since our credit cards had been compromised in the past and my number came up with the Experian data breech, I do not answer the phone for those types of numbers. The person started to leave a message stating they were investigator Mac from Ma comb County Courier services and I was going to be served in a matter of days unless I called 1-833-708-2732 and worked it out with them and then they could issue a stand-down order. I proceeded to call the phone number and talk to a woman who was genuinely sweet and we worked out a payment plan for a payday loan I am not even use I took out over 10 years ago. They threaten me with court if I did not get this worked out. They did not use the name I had 10 years ago, but rather my current married name. They did have my ss#, which is why the fear was instilled. I agreed to try this payment plan but I did want to have proof of debt sent to me and what was owed before I moved forward. A day or so later, I received a very generic email from Adler, Gordon and Associates (no name on the document other than mine, no signature from an attorney, paralegal or even office assistant) so I began to investigate the company and the red fraud/scam flags went up. There is no law office in NY with that name, there is one in Indiana and they have no idea what I was talking about. We contacted the building manager of the building in New York and the company has NEVER been a tenant there. I received another call today from investigator Mac and he said he would be at my home on Wednesday to serve me and would I be home between noon and 1. So they scariest part is, my husband will be at work and they have my address. So I called the company back to try and resolve this, because if I owe a debt I will pay it back, no problem. The new person I talked with was Jenny, she was the "attorney’s assistant". I was not allowed to speak to the attorney, she did not have to provide me with any documentation than they already had (which all I was asking for was proof of debt owed). I looked up my 3 credit reports and there was nothing on there about an outstanding debt or collection. They calm this is from Check-N-Go and it was sold to their company, but they do not have any other information because it went through many other credit collections first. Yet, Jenny was very ugly to me and said NASTY things. I did raise my voice and talk over her, I will admit that, because this is stressful and I am blown away at the lengths people will go to for a scam. If this is true, why don’t they have a real address, why can they not mail me something in writing explaining and giving proof of what I owe, why is there no paralegal that works there, why is an acceptable method of payment a prepaid card? SO many why. I just really want the harassment at home to stop and the treats of being served by someone who now has my address. I have a family and am very scared. They also go by Phillips Reinhard and Assossicates, Wilson, Riley & Associates LLC and Adler, Gordon & Associates.

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